Group members



flag  John Cain, Ph.D. 2021       

   Congratulations, John!  



flag  Wanhong He, Ph.D. 2021

   Congratulations, Wanhong!



flagPratik Roy



Pratik is currently working on PARACEST MRI contrast agents. We are interested in particle system compared to conventional molecular system.



Sinha KhushbooKhushboo

Khushboo is studying the effect of solvent media on the reversible switching of the thermodynamically favored structural phase in a family of 2D hybrid perovskites and divalent metal phosphonates.





Jiahui Liu


Jiahui is studying two-dimensional materials and its properties related to surface stress and investigating solvent effect on layered materials.





Tao Yuwen


Tao is currently developing synthetic methods of 2D Van der Waals heterostructures and investigating interface effects in 2D heterostructures during phase transition.




Gabrielle Donalson, MS 2021

Congratulations, Gabby! 






Junyan Liu


Junyan is currently developing methods to place a 2D monolayer material on a spin crossover crystal and exploring if the solid-solid phase transition associated with spin-crossover will induce strain at the interface and change the properties of the 2D material.
  Diba Allameh Zadeh


Diba is currently working on Nanoparticles that can be used as Paramagnetic Chemical exchange saturation transfer MRI Contrast agents (CA) I’m interested in using novel Nano-polymeric systems instead of traditional CAs.