Group members



flag  John Cain

John is currently looking at photoactive core-shell Prussian Blue analogue heterostructures, and the effect that core size has on the depth of the strained region in the shell.



flag  Wanhong He

Wanhong’s research involves the control of phase behavior in the Manganese hexacyanoferrate Prussian blue analogue system by constructing hetero-structure.  




flagPratik Roy

Pratik is currently working on PARACEST MRI contrast agents. We are interested in particle system compared to conventional molecular system.



Sinha KhushbooKhushboo


Khushboo is employing sequential deposition method to synthesize PBA thin film heterostructures which show light induced changes in magnetic properties.




Jiahui Liu


Jiahui is studying two-dimensional materials and its properties related to surface stress and investigating solvent effect on layered materials.





Tao Yuwen


Tao is currently developing synthetic methods of 2D Van der Waals heterostructures and investigating interface effects in 2D heterostructures during phase transition.





Gabrielle Donalson


Gabrielle is currently developing a synthetic method to embed spin transition particles in silica-based matrix. She will investigate the influence of the matrix on the spin transition behavior of the particles and their properties. 





Junyan Liu

Junyan is currently developing methods to place a 2D monolayer material on a spin crossover crystal and exploring if the solid-solid phase transition associated with spin-crossover will induce strain at the interface and change the properties of the 2D material.